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Our award winning English Cherries are given the greatest care and attention from planting to when they leave our packhouse. We have dedicated teams working to irrigate, tunnel, harvest and prune the trees during the season. Our team of permanent staff work all year to nurture and prepare the trees so we get the best yields and harvest. There is also a dedicated team to look after the many seasonal staff we employ during the summer. Bev, our Campsite Manager makes sure that the staff have everything they need, from their accommodation, bank accounts to shopping trips and providing entertainments on and off site during the season.


We employ good farming practice in all aspects of our production. We have a great deal of concern and care for the environment around us. We are accredited members of LEAF, the British Retail Consortium, and Red Tractor.




We pride ourselves in growing large, tasty fruit. We like to grow a large, juicy cherry that is full of flavour and is allowed to ripen to its best on the tree.


Late English Cherries

Lower Hope Fruit are specialists in producing big, sweet and juicy late English Cherries for the supermarkets and wholesale markets across the UK. Due to our location in the West Midlands and at a height of 700ft above sea level, Lower Hope’s cherries are harvested later than those in the south of the UK. As southern production comes to an end, Lower Hope begins, providing continuity on the supermarket shelves. At Lower Hope we begin harvesting from the beginning of July through to late August, and can even supply in the first week of September.