meet the team

Clive Richards OBE – OwnerClive in Blossom

As a boy, Clive Richards would come to Herefordshire with his family to pick blackberries. Years later he returned to establish a large farming estate in Ullingswick, North Herefordshire. In 1985 Clive came to Lower Hope and has been at the helm of expanding the fruit department to its current size ever since.


Simon Wells – Estate ManagerIMG_0682

Simon is in charge of the smooth running of the whole of the Lower Hope Estate, all 2000 acres. He came from a farming background and managed a large arable estate in Cambridgeshire before arriving at Lower Hope in 1997. He drives the innovation and forward thinking nature of the business, whilst always having a close eye on the finances.


Emily Cliff – Fruit Manager


Emily started at Lower Hope in 2011 as an MDS student, she liked it so much she never left! Emily helps out Andy and Simon with the rapid changes that the fruit business comes across each year.  She deals with most things that are thrown at her and likes to get everyone organised to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Ed Turner – Assistant Manager (Growing)

Ed is Herefordshire born and bred with a keen knowledge of all things farming and arrived at Lower Hope in 2017. Our cherries and raspberries are very high maintenance and Ed helps out Emily and Simon to ensure that they are being well looked after to produce the highest quality fruit for our customers.



Koko Kolev – Assistant Manager (Operations)

Koko (Kaloyan) has been a long standing member of the fruit team, arriving as a 19 year old picker from Bulgaria he is now a British Citizen with over 15 years experience at Lower Hope. He is in charge of over 100 pickers and field workers. He makes sure that every single cherry and raspberry gets to the packhouse on time.



Packhouse Team

Nikolay Kolev – Packhouse Operations Manager

Niki enjoys a challenge, and the packhouse definitely provides him with one. He manages 2 shifts of workers and makes sure that over 600 tonnes of fruit is packed and onto the lorry on time each year. All in a few short weeks from May – October!



Chris Walmsley – Office Manager

Chris likes to multi- task, which is lucky for us because he works with both the production and the technical team to make sure all our fruit is carefully packed to precision and sent to our happy customers on time. Not only this, he also has to ensure our Packhouse is in tip top condition for any on-site visitors!



Jeannette Perry – QC Manager

Jeannette came to Lower Hope helping out with the field work each year working with Bev and Lynne. She has now been here for 20 years and has become the chief knowledge on cherry quality. Jeannette likes books, and it’s a good job – when each year the Quality Assurance manual lands on her desk!




Lynne Pilliner – Supervisor

Lynne has also been at Lower Hope for over 20 years. She can turn her hand to many things, in the summer working in the packhouse with Niki and Jeannette making sure things run smoothly and in the winter Lynne’s creative side comes out making our beautiful fresh foliage wreaths.



Campsite Team

Bev Woodyatt – Campsite Manager

Bev is one of the original pickers from Bromyard born and bred. She is one of our celebrities from the Harvest programme in 2013 putting Gregg Wallace in his place! She has worked at Lower Hope for 25 years and is now in charge or ‘mum’ to 250 seasonal workers who come and live on the campsite from June – October.



Debbie Berry – CampsiteIMG_0718

Debbie is a local lady from Bromyard who has been helping out at Lower Hope for many years with Bev. She keeps the campsite in order, making sure it is clean and tidy and making sure the workers are happy.