Our Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental Policy   We recognise that concern for the environment and maintenance of the rural landscape is an integral and fundamental part of the company’s business.  As a progressive farming business we aim to continually develop our strong sense of environmental responsibility and make provision for the improvement and enhancement of wildlife habitats, through adopting […]

Try the Cherry Pavlova from the TV advert this summer!  

Our Cherry Orchard in Timelapse

Did you spot us on the Waitrose TV Ad?

The Fruit Set is Looking Good

The Fruit Set is Looking Good

Here is an excellent example of a “good set”on the Lapins variety of our cherries. The April Blossom has passed and the fruit is now starting to set nicely. All that’s left to do now is wait for the June Drop which is the natural loss of surplus fruits, before the fruit turns that tasty red […]

Waitrose – “Bees on Blossom”

Check out our very own bees and blossom on the Waitrose Instagram page, without our busy bees it would be virtually impossible to produce such high quality and delicious cherries!  

Lower Hope Farm's New Addition

Lower Hope Farm’s New Addition

Growing such high quality fruit isn’t an easy task and these berries and cherries need a lot of care and attention. The man for the job is Ed Turner, who very recently joined the team at Lower Hope Farms as Fruit Growing Assistant this January. Here is all you need to know about Ed: Name: […]

Waitrose Demonstration Farm Award 2016

Waitrose Demonstration Farm Award 2016

Waitrose Demonstration Farm Award 2016 We are extremely proud to have been presented with the Waitrose Farming Award in November 2016. This was for our concept orchard here at Lower Hope Farm, if you would like to hear more about it please click on the YouTube link below.

Our Andy’s Fruiterers Award

Our Andy’s Fruiterers Award

Andy Hunt has been the Fruit Manager at lower Hope Farm for 28 years. He has been at the forefront of the cherry production with his innovative ideas and fruit expertise and so unsurprisingly he is a fountain of fruit growing knowledge. In November 2016 he was presented with the annual Fruiterers Management Award by […]

Andy Hunt’s Retirement

Andy Hunt retires from Lower Hope Farms after 28 years of hard work and dedication as the Fruit Manager.  During his time here Andy has developed his knowledge of the fruit industry, in particular cherry growing, and has used his experience to enhance Lower Hope’s cherry production. Keen to take on such a challenging role […]